How Roma Cinema Doc Works

Roma Cinema DOC is film festival based in Italy that works in two different level: the MONTHLY EDITION and the ANNUAL EVENT.

Now you are going to participating at the next monthly edition. What this means?

Please read this carefully in order to understand how Roma Cinema DOC works and which are the next steps:


  1. Roma Cinema DOC is NOT an online Film Festival: we will not show your film on the website.
  2. Your film will be automatically entered for judging via the private screening link provided on Filmfreeway.
  3. All the Official Selections will be listed on our website at the beginning of the next month. Please, check the complete film list here
  4.  “Laurels Official Selection” and “Certificate of Participation” links are sent via mail.
  5.  Winners will be announced at the end of the next month. Please, check the complete winner list here:
  6. All Monthly Winners will receive laurels and certificates via email.
  7. Every Monthly Winner will be given the distinction of an “Official Finalist” of the annual event.

An example: in you submitted your film from January 1st to January 31th 2017, you will participate at the “January Monthly Edition”, this means that your film will be listed in our website in February 2017 and winners will be notified by February. Winners are considered eligible for the Annual Event that will take place in October 2017


  1. The Annual Event take place in Rome, Italy every year in October. The first annual edition was Roma Cinema DOC 2016. Find out more here
  2. During the Annual Event we screen and award the best film for each category. At least 9 awards will be granted within our 9 categories of competition.
  3. All Monthly Winners from July 2016 to June 2017 are eligible for the Annual Event “Roma Cinema DOC 2017”. Films submitted by July 2017 will be eligible for the Annual Event “Roma Cinema DOC 2018”.
  4. The Jury announce the winners that will be part of the Annual Edition in September. All Winners will be notified via email.
  5. Film that will be screened will receive trophies and special prizes including cash depending on our sponsors.
  6. The Best Film of the Year win 500,00€, the money prize will be assigned during the annual event. To participate at the Annual Edition is really appreciated but not necessary for winning the money prize.

Thank you for submitting your project to Roma Cinema DOC!


Roma Cinema DOC Staff