January 2016 Winners


Roma Cinema Doc is proud to announce the winners of the montly edition of January


Best International short film (30 min or less)

Film Title: Karma

Director: Vladimir Mitrevski

International short film karma
short film karma


Several people with different needs and values are chained together in a series of events. The central figure is Bobby, a father who`s child is terminally ill. He has to find a way to pay for his child`s surgery, because the time is running out.

Special mentions:

-Menzione per la regia a K. S. McMullen per “Nail House”
– Menzione per la fotografia a Meg White per “QPID”
– Menzione per il montaggio a K. S. McMullen per “Nail House”

Best Italian short film (30 min or less)

Film Title: BlasterCore

Director: Alessandro Vivarini

International short film BlasterCore
short film BlasterCore


Two drunk heroes driving fast on the street are going to face the evil forces: tha police!

Special mentions:

Best international documentary (60 min or less)

Film Title: My Home

Director: Igal Hecht


My Home, explores the complex reality of living as a Christian, Muslim, Druze and Bedouin minority inside of the state of Israel.

Special mentions:

– Menzione per la regia a Keivan Mohseni per “Kayeh”
– Menzione per la fotografia a Florian Fischer per “Above & Below Galappagos National Park” – Menzione per il montaggio a

Best italian documentary (60 min or less)

Film Title: Interior of Sicily 4 Seasons

Director: Franco Blandi

International short film interior of sicily 4 seasons
short film interior of sicily 4 seasons


The natural landscape and agrarian observed from 5 stations for two years, between the provinces of Messina and Enna. The photo series and video shooting, documenting the changes in the landscape of an entire year. The long work of observation and processing output: A documentary, a photo exhibition, a book. A new approach to the use of the landscape, not only as an aesthetic element being surveyed, but as a witness, emblem exercise harmony between human activities and nature.
The passage of time is documented by photographic sequences is carried out by different locations, both by video images and detail of the landscape. At the beginning of each month, a video-camera sequence that in a minute condensation Over the weeks, the months, the seasons. Immediately after pictures documenting each month through the alternation of details and overviews that give an idea of what was happening around the stations during the observations. The decision to begin the story in September was dictated Since the start of the farming year that starts right from the month of September.
The 12-camera video sequences, twelve months, in about 35 minutes, documenting the evolution of the natural landscape and activities in the fields of wheat, barley, on. In the background Etna, the Sicilian volcano active that seems to dominate and control every activity.
There are places where nature, landscape and human activities survive in balance between tradition and modernity. For thousands of years the succession of the seasons gives natural scenery colorful, painted by the art and technique of working the fields. Paint brushes human and natural landscape that is renewed every year in a cycle that never seems to end.
The landscape, what we see is what we are! And ‘this, in a nutshell, the culmination of which comes the author.

Special mentions:

Best International web series (30 min or less – episode)

Film Title: Namaste Bitches

Director: Laura Richardson

International short film namaste bitches
short film namaste bitches


Inspired by the Monk Thich Nhat something, a group of women gather weekly to meditate and hold a positive thought for the world, learning the task is a real bitch!

Special mentions:

Best Student film (20 min or less)

Film Title: Alma

Director: Mariana Garcia

short film alma
short film alma


Special mentions:

Best Short Short(5 min or less)

Film Title: Dream Big

Director: Gianluca Colla

short film DreamBig
short film DreamBig


It’s an impulse to pursue your own dream.
A young boy dreams of becoming a figure skater.
He practices for days, months and years.
He never gives up and follows his dream while others kids live an ordinary life.
Until one day, he eventually becomes a champion.
Stéphane Lambiel, World and Olympic champion plays the key figure.

Special mentions:

Best One minute short film (60 seconds or less)

Film Title: 2015 – In a minute

Director: Nikita Deshpande

Short film 2015 in a minute
Short film 2015 in a minute


The major events of 2015 in one purely visual minute!

Events in order of appearance: Leonard Nimoy (1931 – 2015) – New Horizons’ Pluto flyby – Nepal earthquake – Ebola epidemic end in sight – Peace for Paris – Adele 25 – Saudi Arabian women vote for the first time – Star Wars: The Force Awakens – UN climate change conference – China ends one child policy.

Special mentions: