June 2015 winners


RomaCinemaDoc is proud to announce the winners of the montly edition of June


Best International short film (30 min or less)

Film Title: “Tears of Harmony”

Director: Farook Naghdipour

tears of harmony

Special Mention directing:

  • Farook Naghdipour | “Tears of Harmony”

Special Mention Interpretation:

  • Xander Berkeley | “Pony”

Special Mention Soundtrack:

  • Timor Szemzö | “We’d Lough Together, Fool Around and Go Swimming – Dr. Kafka’s Last Smile”

Special Mention Film Editing:

  • David Holecheck | “1440 and Counting”

Special Mention Screenplay::

  • Nella Citino | “When Does Love Begin?”

Best Italian short film (30 min or less)

Film Title: “Memories”

Director: Vincenzo Alfieri


In a world without time and identity, Andrew, a young ex cop beset by his own nightmares, and his dependence by alcohol,
is hunting a dangerous criminal known as “The Barbie Killer”, so called because he usually leave a Barbie doll next to
the drowned bodies of his victims. Andrew has a gift: he can see what the killer does, and soon, he will flush him out.
But a dark and terrible truth awaits them.

Special Mention Directing:

  • Federico Olivetti | “The Guest”

Special Mention Photography:

  • Rocco Marra | “The Last Departure”

Best International documentary (60 min or less)

Film Title: “Naked”

Director: Zekeriya Aydogan


Aso has filled her 75 year life with two important occupations. After her close friend Latife who she helped with her labor thirty years ago, she became renowned in the region and became a well-known “Midwife”. She continued this occupation for almost twenty years. Upon Latife’s death, Aso’s second occupation begins. By her dead friend’s request she washes her with her own hands. Thus, she had become a “Dead Washer”. Even though she continues both occupations together for some time, in the last years she quits midwifery and now she only washes the dead.

While Aso travels from the city to the village with her granddaughter Asya when she finds time, and wishes to leave this legacy to someone, at the same time she faces death knowing that she is at the end of her life.

The film follows a Midwife and a Dead Washer and questions life and death through her eyes.

Special Mention Directing:

  • Cristoph von Toggenburg | “Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition”

Special Mention Photography:

  • Bruce Dickson | “One Hundred Mules. Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct”

Best Italian documentary (60 min or less)

Film Title: “Prisoners, 2014. Escape From ISIS”

Director: Cristina Scanu e Giuseppe Ciulla


In July of 2014 the world discovers Isis. Men of Caliph Al Bagdadi advancing in northern Syria and Iraq, killing kurds and christians in the name of Allah. But who really are these men? What they think and what drives them to slaughter anyone who is not Muslim? Cristina Scanu and Giuseppe Ciulla interviewed some soldiers ISIS in a prison in the Kurdish north of Syria. Crossing their stories with those of the victims, moving along the frontline of the Syrian and Iraqi, collecting the testimonies of the kurds besieged by ISIS and Christian families fleeing Mosul.

Special Mention Directing:

  • Luigi Milardi | “Made in By”

Special Mention Photography:

  • Giulia Bruno | “Capital”

Best International web series (30 min or less – episode)

Film Title: “Tales From Tinder”

Director: “Emma Watts”


Tales From Tinder features a cast of furry, fearless, flamboyant PUPPETS who re-enact real Tinder stories from around the world. Part documentary, part comedy, part “puppet reality-TV”, Tales From Tinder – it’s love with no strings attached.

Best Student film (20 min or less)

Film Title:Matrioska”

Director: Viola Folador


In a laboratory full of flawed string puppets, Noah wants to be a perfect string-puller, but he needs an assistant. Sabik, a puppet who says only ‘yes’ or ‘no’, helps him managing the odd puppets: sleepy, despotic or completly mad.

Short Short(5 min or less)

Film Title: “Non-refundable ticket”

Director: CLAVELITO Films


Maria decides to travel abroad in search of a better life. The ticket is non-refundable.

Animation (20 min or less)

Film Title: “Switch Man”

Director: Hsun-Chun Chuang


In a normal quiet Sunday, Dr. Evil Mantis attacted K-City unexpectedly with his gigantic claw, the entire city in panic and in danger. At the very critical moment, one young man stood out and fight the Dr. Evil Mantis. This is the moment for the hidden superhero, and his secret power is about to turn this chaos upside down. The Legend is about to begin…

Best One minute short film (60 seconds or less)

Film Title: “Switch”

Director: Ansh Mehta