October 2016 winners


Roma Cinema Doc film fest Winners


Best International short film (30 min or less)

Film Title: Right Here or Over There

Director: Mabille Pauline



After several years, young Lily finally returns home. However, her parents seem to be quite indifferent to the arrival of their daughter. What has happened? Stuck between a father who is haunted by his memories and a mother who is torn apart, Lily is looking for redemption. Will she attain it?

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SPECIAL MENTION DIRECTING: Mehmet Tığlı – “Twin Stars”

Best Italian short film (30 min or less)

Film Title: –

Director: –




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Best international documentary (60 min or less)

Film Title: Motxila21 Live

Director: Iñaki Alforja Sagone




Motxila 21 are a unique rock band … full of strength, passion and enthusiasm… but oh!…there is something peculiar about them … half of the band’s members have Down syndrome.
The documentary is a road movie.It’s about diversity, about respect, friendship, creativity, it’s about rock, about music, but above all it’s about people.

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Best italian documentary (60 min or less)

Film Title: –

Director: –


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Best International web series (30 min or less – episode)

Film Title: Auckward Love

Director: Emmett Skilton



Auckward Love gets drunk and does things nobody is proud of…
Uh huh; Our girls are back and more auckward than ever.

Season Two sees Alice determined to get on top, Vicky forming an affinity for rubber, Grace’s heart put to the test and Zoe pulling the fingers at everyone she can. Join the girls again as they take Auckland by the balls and launch themselves head first into love, lust and everything in between.

From Auckland, New Zealand and starring Holly Shervey, Jess Sayer, Luci Hare and Jess Holly Bates, Auckward Love breaks every boundary as it takes us back to what it’s really like living in the world of 20-something love.

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Best Italian web series (30 min or less – episode)

Film Title: The Slide Projector

Director: Mirko Zaru



The Slide Projector è un thriller psicologico a puntate.
Victor Martinez, dopo la morte prematura del padre, trova un lavoro come guardiano notturno in un museo etnografico grazie a delle amicizie della madre.
La curiosità lo porterà a girovagare per gli uffici del palazzo settecentesco…

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Best Student film (20 min or less)

Film Title: The I in Me

Director: Ilia ten Böhmer



In the near future teletransportation is the most important way of traveling. When a person uses a teletransportation device his or her cells are scanned and the data of these cells are sent to the destination, where the body is reassembled. The cells of the old body get destroyed.

Noa uses this teletransporter every day. Something strange seems to be happening this time. The teletransporter is not working. A man takes her to a backroom. He confronts her with the consequences of the failed teletransportation session.

Special mentions:

SPECIAL MENTION INTERPRETATION: Nathalie Boulin – “Tonnerre de Brecht”

Best Short Short(5 min or less)

Film Title: A Hole to China

Director: Brandon C. Lay





Winner of 4th place and Best Actress (Valynn Turkovich) at the Marietta International Film Festival’s 24 Hour Film Race.
A charming amateur magician (James Mason) and a woman (Valynn Turkovich) longing for the freedom of childhood reflect on their relationship.

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Best One minute short film (60 seconds or less)

Film Title: Labeled

Director: Ken Davis, Emily Atkins




After ordering a camera online, a girl unexpectedly discovers that something else came with her package.

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SPECIAL MENTION SCREENPLAY: Anna and Roman Rozengurt – “Speech!ess – Legs”