FINALISTS – Roma Cinema DOC 2020

Roma Cinema DOC is a Film Festival based in Italy, that features the best short films, documentaries and web series from around the world. All entries counts as Official Selections. Judges will select the best films of each category that will be given the distinction of an Official Finalists of the annual event. On March 20th 2020 will announce the Winners that will be screened during the Roma Cinema DOC 2020. The best film of the year will win 500,00€.

I want personally to thank all the filmmakers that have submitted their works to Roma Cinema DOC film festival.
We have received 349 submissions this year and we are really impressed by the quality of the films received.

In this first step, we have watched / we are still watching every film that we have received in order to do a first selection. Usually this phase take a lot of time, because we discuss a lot about wich films will pass in the next step and wich films will be excluded from the festival. It’s not easy and we pay to this job all our attention.

Only the 30% of the submissions are considered as FINALISTS. To be Finalist means that all films will be evaluated again by our Jury in order to select the WINNERS that will be screened to the annual event, the Roma Cinema DOC 2020 that will take place on April.

A big thank you to our Jury that took time to evaluate each film with extreme accuracy.

Valentina Vincenzini
Festival Director

Important dates:

January 31, 2020 Notification Date FINALISTS One Minute Film, Short Short, Student Film, Animation, Experimental, Web Series
February 15, 2020 Notification Date FINALISTS International and Italian Short Films and Documentaries
March 20, 2020 Notification Date WINNERS Roma Cinema DOC 2020

May 30, 2020 Event Date Roma Cinema DOC 2020


FINALISTS- Roma Cinema DOC 2020



  • A POEM by Clément FRÉCHEIN , France
  • Dispatches from the Vietnam War: Beer, Bunkers and Typewriters by Keith Lane , United States
  • shadowland by bellopropello , Switzerland



  • Captivity by Evangelo Costadimas , Hong Kong
  • CHAINS by Alberto Martín-Aragón , Spain
  • Discorso sopra i massimi sistemi della produzione cinematografica by pietro angelini , Italy
  • EVAPORATIONS by Alberto Martín-Aragón , Spain
  • Kaleidoscape by Daniele Pauletto , Italy
  • Nel Ritrovo del Silenzio (In the Place of Silence) by Antonio La Camera , Italy
  • Non è vero by Sergiy Pudich , Italy
  • The human bugs Anthology: Caresses by Andrea Cecconati , Italy
  • The Names of Trees (with English subtitles) by Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran , United States



  • “Cuba, Libre?” by Dick Jordan , United States
  • A day in Sengulam by Matthieu MAUNIER-ROSSI , France
  • All eyes on the Amazon by Andrea Marinelli , Netherlands
  • Breakfast in Kisumu by Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell , United Kingdom
  • Colors of Resistance by Areeb Zuaiter , United States
  • Cows with no name by Hubert Charuel , France
  • Dickson, the hope of travelling by Alonso Crespo , Mexico
  • Do You Go Out? by Ines Jokoš , Croatia
  • ELEPHANTS DO REMEMBER by Swati Pandey , India
  • Golden fish, African fish by Thomas Grand, Moussa Diop , Senegal
  • John 746 by Ana Vijdea , Romania
  • LoL, a serious matter by François Zaïdi , France
  • Making Up My Mind: Searching for Jimmy Lyons by Jeff M. Giordano , United States
  • Natural Light: Vivi’s Story by Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford , Canada
  • Rome-Shahbazan by , Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Summa by Andrei Kutsila , Poland
  • The Archive by Peter Spence , United Kingdom
  • The Bridge by Philippe Blanc , Switzerland
  • The Campfire Project by Claudia Giannetto , United States
  • The Fantastic Hidalgo of the Pontic Steppe by Javier Alcaine , Spain
  • The Last Harvest by Alexis Spradic , United States
  • The Last Tribes by Ebru Cakirkaya , Turkey
  • The Sound of Silence by Marek Kłosowicz, Dariusz Twaróg , Poland
  • Últimas Ondas by Emmanuel Piton , France
  • Under the Lemon Tree by Noor Alasswad , Palestine, State of
  • Vostok N°20 by Elisabeth Silveiro , Russian Federation
  • When the Tide Goes Out by Eliot Galan , Canada



  • 9to5 by Filippos Tsapekis , Greece
  • A Mocking Mile Tale by Jon Aedyn King , Malta
  • Absence by Valentina Romanelli, Maxime Rochat , Switzerland
  • AM HIMMEL – HEAVEN’S MEADOW (dir. Chmielewska) by Magdalena Chmielewska , Austria
  • BANO PUBLICO (PUBLIC TOILET) by RUBEN BARRIENTOS , Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
  • DIE VEREINBARUNG – THE AGREEMENT (dir. Poetz) by Falk Poetz , Germany
  • Downward Facing Dogs by Karsten de Vreugd , Netherlands
  • Entropia by Chris Tatsis , Greece
  • Falling by Roberta Setzu , United States
  • Home Turf by Mara Joly , Canada
  • In Love by Zixuan Zhao , China
  • I’ve Had Enough! by John M. Keller , France
  • LUGAR ALGUM – NO PLACE (dir. Amaral) by Gabriel Amaral , Brazil
  • M LIKE MOBIUS by Faranak Moradi , Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Mighty by Lola Glaudini , United States
  • Paul by Francois Albaranes , France
  • Road.Dogs by Ez Eldin Deng , Australia
  • Spizella by Mehmet Tığlı , Germany
  • Stop sulking Isa ! by Yseult Renard , France
  • TALK by Boulanger Romuald , France
  • The Body by Mirsad Ibisevic , Ireland
  • The Package by Leo Astudillo , United Kingdom
  • VANDREREN – THE WANDERER (dir. Annlie) by Julie Annlie , Denmark



  • 5×7 by Michele Citoni , Italy
  • Abbassa l’Italia (Sub Eng) / The Cracker Effect by Giuseppe Cacace, Alfredo Fiorillo , Italy
  • Ccà Semu by Luca Vullo , Italy
  • Clara and the imaginary lives by Giulia Casagrande , Italy
  • IL COMANDANTE DI RONCOBELLO by Pietro Bonfanti , Italy
  • IN CARNE VIVA by Matteo Serman , Italy
  • LA VIA DELLA TERRA by Enrico Le Pera , Italy
  • Landscape – everything is life – by Luigi Capasso , Canada
  • L’Uomo che rapì Truffuat by Luciano Del Prete , Italy
  • Magna Voce – Concert for City by Minimum , Italy
  • Noi by Benedetta Valabrega , Italy
  • Overseas by Irene Felici , Italy
  • Returnable empty by Paola Pasquali , Italy
  • Statale106 by Enrico Ventrice , Italy
  • Stories in Iron by Nicola Di Lecce, Rossella Lamina , Italy
  • The Art of stealing Art by Marco Silvestri , Italy
  • The Italian Spirit of Le Mans – Back to 24h by Niccolò Maria Pagani , Italy
  • Tina Pica by Daniele Ceccarini , Italy
  • vegetable skin, an interview by Giovanni Soletta , Italy
  • Venturino by Luca Bazzini , Italy



  • “Live life” by Valerio Manisi , Italy
  • Alters by Artemisio Desiderio , Italy
  • Attacking Rome by Alessandro Casale, Stefano Raffaele , Italy
  • Black out (Sub Eng) by Giuseppe Rasi , Italy
  • BLOOD THEORY by Luca Elmi , Italy
  • Chrysalis by Beatrice Nalin , Italy
  • CLARK by Andrea Ricciotti , Italy
  • ELIAS by Brando Bartoleschi , Italy
  • eva by Paolo Budassi , Italy
  • Every Time by Mauro Zingarelli , Italy
  • FERRUCCIO story of a (little) robot by Stefano De Felici , Italy
  • Genericamente by Giulio Neglia , Italy
  • I am Fatou by Amir Ramadan , Italy
  • La strada vecchia (Sub Eng) / The old road by Damiano Giacomelli , Italy
  • Like Unmatched Plates by Mattia Riccio , Italy
  • LINDIOTA by Chiara Livia Arrigo , Italy
  • Parru pi tia (Sub Eng) / In your place by Giuseppe Carleo , Italy
  • Pizza Boy (Sub Eng) by Gianluca Zonta , Italy
  • Racconto Notturno (Sub Eng) / Nocturnal Tale by Gianluca Granocchia , Italy
  • Schermi by Federico Scrima , Italy
  • Sleep Paralysis (sub ita) by Simone Miccinilli , Italy
  • The wait by Angela Bevilacqua , Italy



  • Annual by Elshan , Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Der Offizier by Olof Berghe , Not Specified
  • Echo by Erwin Macz , Guatemala
  • eggsecution by Wojciech Garus, Zuzia Garus , Poland
  • Every fall drives you further by Filippos Tsapekis , Greece
  • Huh? by Phakchayot Charrunchon , Thailand
  • HUMAN by Ágnes Gyöngyösi , Italy
  • La Vita Solitaria by , Italy
  • Myselves by Elshan , Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Six Mothers by Candice Vallantin , Spain
  • So good I could die by Fabrizio Parisi , Italy
  • Stray Thoughts by Jeff Vande Zande , United States
  • The Guest Room by Jeff Vande Zande , United States
  • This was a crazy year by Rupert Jörg , Germany
  • Where Am I by Konrad Miklaszewski , Not Specified



  • ArchiPaper by Rafal Barnas , Poland
  • Coast by Özkan Bal , Turkey
  • D.A.D. – Die Another Day by andrea marcovicchio , Italy
  • I’m beautiful – Sono bella by Luigi Miele , Italy
  • Ms. Rossi by Pat Battistini , Italy
  • NAPOLI …..Napoli casa ………Napoli casa by salvatore nubile , Italy
  • NEOM by salvatore nubile , Italy
  • Selfitis by Guilherme Somensato , Hungary
  • Tell Me Babe by Filippo Corbetta , Italy



  • 88 by Danilo Corbellini Scarcia , Italy
  • Alice by Cesare Fraticelli , United Kingdom
  • apartment 5½ by Diane Wang , Taiwan
  • Bedlamite by Aidan Cheeatow , Canada
  • Cronache Aliene by Niccolò Valentino , Italy
  • Dulciamara who didn’t want to be loved by Giovanni Merlini , Italy
  • Escape From Cockatoo Island by Wenqi Tang , Australia
  • Immersed by Arianna Sciancalepore , Italy
  • LA PETITE FOLIE by Massimo Zannoni , United Kingdom
  • Like Unmatched Plates by Mattia Riccio , Italy
  • Malammor’ by Michele Melchionda , Italy
  • Mr. Hugo by François Le Guen , France
  • Paramnesia (sub-eng) by Edoardo D’Amico , Italy
  • Pardon by Rositsa Trayanova , France
  • Pietro by marco di coscio , United Kingdom
  • Rebel, Rebel by Elena Rebeca Carini , Italy
  • RESET – Sub ENG by Riccardo Sabatino , Italy
  • Simmetria by Michele Di Rienzo , Italy
  • The Faces We Wear by Jean-Luc Moniz , Canada
  • The Fading Blue by Minghui Ning , Canada
  • The Oval Portrait by Lina Larson , Hungary
  • Tlaloc Sacrificium by Ivan Lo Conte , United Kingdom



  • Any Creative Form – Series by Daniel Fazio , United Kingdom
  • In Famiglia all’improvviso by Christian Marazziti , Italy
  • Rudi by Lillo Venezia , Italy
  • The city of toys by fabrizio parisi, fabio scalzotto , Italy
  • THE VEGAN ZOMBIE (ep. pilot) by Enrico Tavernini , Italy
  • Zoom Out by Ludovic Zuili, Simon Bouisson , France