SEPTEMBER 2015 Winners


RomaCinemaDoc is proud to announce the winners of the montly edition of September



Best International short film (30 min or less)

Film Title: Noticed

Director:  Limor Diamant

noticed poster

Olga is a postal worker who lives in her imaginative reclusive world of Spaghetti Westerns and the whimsical life of bugs. Her self created universe is interrupted one night when she discovers that a suspicious peeping tom lives across from her. Olga’s unexpected obsession to get NOTICED by him takes her on a new journey of no return.

Special mentions:

  • SPECIAL MENTION DIRECTING: Minu Lee – “Demilitarized Zone”
  • SPECIAL MENTION PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephan Grusha – “Bombard the Headquarters”
  • SPECIAL MENTION FILM EDITING: Koen Timmerman – “Perdition County”
  • SPECIAL MENTION SCREENPLAY: Stephan Grusha – “Bombard the Headquarters”
  • SPECIAL MENTION COSTUMES: Claire Vervliet – “Perdition County”
  • SPECIAL MENTION BEST ACTRESS: Sigal Diamant – “Noticed”
  • SPECIAL MENTION BEST ACTOR: Luc Bernard – “Omessa”

Best Italian short film (30 min or less)

Film Title: Encounter

Director: Fabrizio Rinaldi


The “type1” are artificially made human beings created through ectogenesis and DNA modification, forced to hide after being declared illegal. Years after their escape, an old pub might hide one of them.

Special mentions:

  • SPECIAL MENTION PHOTOGRAPHY: Giacomo Frittelli – “Encounter”
  • SPECIAL MENTION VISUAL EFFECTS: Luca Della Grotta – “Encounter”
  • SPECIAL MENTION FILM EDITING: Andrea Franceschini – “This is Your Life”
  • SPECIAL MENTION BEST ACTOR: Salvatore Esposito – “The Bookmakers”

Best International documentary (60 min or less)

Film Title: Colours od Edziza

Director: Matt Miles, Mike Schauch, Chantal Schauch


This extraordinary journey begins with two leaders from different worlds – a member of the Tahltan Nation and leader among his people looking to pass his teachings on to his kin, and a West Coast mountaineer and investment professional seeking new adventure while exploring his own connection to the land. Brought together by their passion for learning from the land, they are joined by two younger Tahltans, an artist and an 18 year old youth, to traverse one of the last, great untamed places on earth. Venturing deep into the remote and rugged mountains of the Tahltan territory in northern British Columbia, the two leaders discover a new shared connection, one that would allow them to put their differences aside and accomplish this incredible traverse together. See for trailer.

Special mentions:

  • SPECIAL MENTION DIRECTING: Philip Neyer – “A Place Like This”
  • SPECIAL MENTION PHOTOGRAPHY: Sihui Ye – “A New Year in Shangan”
  • SPECIAL MENTION FILM EDITING: Philip Neyer – “A Place Like This”

Best Italian documentary (60 min or less)

Film Title: Di Là

Director: Giulio Tonincelli e Erminando Aliaj

di la’

The subject of the movie is Erminando’s story, professional photographer and professor at the Fashion Photography Academy in Milan. Erminando grew up in Brescia, Northern Italy, but he is Albanian. He migrated to Italy with his mother in 1993. After more than 20 years, Erminando decides to have a journey back to Albania. Once there, lost memories and feelings come back to him, and, after decades, he remembers that night of a cold November when his mother bravely decided to change the course of their lives.

‘Di Là’ means, in Italian, ‘beyond’. This word is also used by Albanian, referring to Italy, the country beyond the Adriatic sea. In the early 1990’s, Italy was reached by 27.000 Albanians in few months. They were fleeing from a country in deep economical crisis, after the fall of the Cold War.

Best International web series (30 min or less – episode)

Film Title: Italian Justice

Director: Marzio Mirabella


An inexorable female assassin gets awesome revenge for her early-life trauma.

Best Student film (20 min or less)

Film Title: A Broken One

Director: Yifu Zhou


Mills, a widower, fulfills his last wish with the help of a broken creature.

Best Short Short(5 min or less)

Film Title: Like if..

Director: Daniele Bonarini


Special heroine must deal with a particular epidemic,
alone will be able to save the earth?

Best Animation (20 min or less)

Film Title: Tiny Town

Director: Stephen Baker/Howard Cook


As the ice-cream man runs his rounds in Tiny Town he is unexpectedly met with a giant magic 8 ball. Upon further investigation of its prophetic message, he narrowly escapes a disastrous train collision. When a giant doll emerges through the wreckage, the ice-cream man tries to flee the town. When all escape routes are destroyed, he returns to his ice-cream truck, transforming into a massive robot to defeat the massive doll. Will the ice-cream man be able save his town?